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Whenever it comes to installing an app or software on an iPhone from a third-party store, our only bet is Jailbreaking. It is a process of removing restrictions imposed by Apple that basically allows one to install an unauthorized software. Not many of the iPhone owners like the idea of Jailbreaking because it voids the warranty of the phone. Most mobile monitoring software only let you spy on the text messages on the monitored device if you install the program manually. These apps then provide you with a detailed account of the messages exchanged between the device and their contacts over a period of specific time.

This includes both sent and received messages. You can now spy on iPhone text messages without installing software. Technology has brought this ease for us. You will simply need Xnspy for that. It is a highly advanced monitoring app through which you can track the text message conversation of another iPhone remotely without having to deal with the installation.

How To Choose Spy Apps for Android or iPhone

The smart feature about the app is it does the work invisibly. Even the owner of the iPhone will not know Xnspy is helping you to read their text messages. However, to spy on their text spying, you will need their iCloud credentials i. Apple ID and password. Xnspy will be picking the data stored on the iCloud and display it to your web account, hence making it possible for you to spy on the text messages.

Wondering how to track text messages without installing software? Follow the steps below to get started:.

Spy On Text Messages Free App Iphone ★ How To Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else's Phone

The first step is to subscribe to Xnspy. You will be emailed the credentials for your Xnspy web account, activation code and a guide to use Xnspy on iPhone to spy on another device. The next step is to configure the iCloud backup.

Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Chances are the iCloud backup is already configured. In case it is not, then you must access the iPhone you want to monitor target iPhone to configure it in their phone.

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You will be emailed the procedure for configuring the iCloud backup at the time of purchasing the subscription. Everything is pretty simple. After you are done with step 2, it is time to log into the Xnspy web account by visiting cp. You just have to enter the credentials and you will be taken to Xnspy Dashboard, an interface from where you can monitor the target iPhone. To actually spy on iPhone text messages without installing software, you must pair their device.

So, as soon as you enter your Xnspy credentials, you will be asked to provide the Apple credentials of the iPhone you want to monitor. This is the process of pairing the target iPhone with Xnspy. Now, the app will transfer data from the iPhone to the servers and then it will be visible to you via the web account. Let Xnspy gather data and wait for at least hours for this process to complete.

Now that hours have passed, you can log into the web account again. This time, the dashboard will look like this:. The screen will show names of contacts with which the target iPhone had conversed.

If you click on any name, the entire conversation will open up. Xnspy has the ability to create a log of even the messages that have been deleted by the monitored device. It efficiently creates a backup of all messages.

Best iPhone Spy for SMS, WhatsApp and Cell Tracking

Even if they delete the conversations, you can still access them from your web account. There is no other way to spy on the text messages of another iPhone without using a spy app. Here are the top names you will find:. Spyzie is a parental control solution that lets you track the activity of any smartphone from your own device.

You can count on this app to read the messages on another iPhone without installation.

Other than using it to spy on text messages, you can use it as an app blocker, track GPS location, view call logs, and contacts etc. Spyzie is compatible with iOS devices running iOS You will only need the iCloud credentials to enable the iCloud monitoring. It is only available in a 1-month license. Its iPhone version lets you spy on the text messages without installing the app. Of course, you will need iCloud credentials of the device you want to monitor and read their text messages.

You will have to choose the No-Jailbreak Package to spy on the text messages without installing the software. It helps you track their location, apply geo-fencing, block apps, limit screen time and monitor other things from the target device. No jailbreak is required. You will need the iCloud ID and password of the device to monitor their messages. You can go for either the monthly plan or annual plan. SpyMaster Pro is a cell phone monitoring software that lets you track the phone remotely.

You will be spying on the iPhone using a remote control panel. This app is being widely used by families and businesses. You can read messages on another iPhone remotely without having to install this app. SpyMaster Pro is compatible with all iPhones versions. It is available in 3 months subscription.

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Spyzie 6. Android Monitoring iPhone Monitoring. Login Try now. Try it now View Demo. Android iPhone. Start Monitoring with Spyzie Now. Try It Now. What you can do with Text Messages. Analyze Message History Instantly judge who are the most important persons from the number of messages and chat frequency.

Top 10 Text Messages Spying Apps For 12222 [UPDATED]

Try It Now View Demo. How can I see text messages from another iPhone? Step 2: You must also be having iCloud accounts created in both phones. It is more convenient if you are on the same iCloud account. Step 3: Lastly, ensure you have the iPhones at hand and connected to the internet then carry on. Make sure to use settings to enable restrictions so that the iMessaging settings you just made cant be seen or changed by the owner of the phone.

Step 5: Next, set up your phone now. It will take you at most 30 minutes to finish. There is quite a number to chose from, for instance: 1. It has GPS tracking but pretty expensive. Another tracker is SpyFone, suitable for monitoring your employees, spouse, and kids, but it has faulty consumer support.

With iKeyMonitor, you can even access voice messages from another phone. You can record calls as well. It is rather expensive, though.